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Socialization Opportunities

Bible Study

Come to our Bible Study sessions with local speakers. 

Held: Wednesday

Time: 9:30am


Everyone loves bingo! Join us for 20 games of Bingo for just a penny a card per game and a chance to win prizes. Play as many games as you want.

Held: Fridays

Time: 12:30pm

Card Club

Card Club plays 500 bid (knowledge of the game preferred), just let us know that you are coming. The 50¢ fee a week is used for weekly prizes and a banquet.

Held: Thursdays

Time: 12:30pm


Join us for Dartball, which is similar to baseball, but uses darts. A $2 donation a month goes towards the banquet and for darts and board.

Held: Mondays

Time: 1:00pm

Exercise Bands

A low impact workout.  Classes include range of motion and muscle strengthening, cardio, and yoga.  Chairs, balls, resistance bands, and hand weights are used.

Held: Monday (Cardio 10:30, MSROM 11:30), Thursday (Cardio 9:30, MSROM 10:30), Friday (Yoga 12:00)

Box of Cards

Come and learn a new card game.

Held: Tuesday

Time: 12:00pm

Pool & Billards

The pool room is available everyday for senior use.


Wii is a video game console that allows you to play games! Join us and friends for some relaxing Wii Bowling. It's like you're there!

Note: Wii is available all day Monday and Tuesday, most of Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday mornings.  Stop by the office for controllers.

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